1971 Mini 1000 (MkIII) - $7,500 SOLD

Location: San Jose, California
December 2005 in a spot clearly made for it...

This mini, which I named Dexter (Latin for right hand), had been my daily driver for over 11 years. I'm only parting with it to make room for a new car (I'm going electric). It's a great car for a local commute (140 miles to its small tank), a student who wants to learn how to work on cars (there is nothing resembling modern technology in this car), or someone who likes to collect classic cars and restore them (this is quite the blank canvass!) Be prepared to have conversations with complete strangers at stoplights, love notes to your car slipped under the wiper blades, and people risking their lives to take a picture of you while driving on the freeway!

November 2015, at the spa!
She runs strong!
-Andrew Noto,
of Noto Motors


September 2014 the only foreign car at a local car show


Imported from the UK to the US in the Spring of 2005, registered in California late May. The previous owners replaced the sub-frame a couple of years earlier. Originally had a 850cc engine with a magic wand shifter, which the previous owners had to cut a hole in the floor to accommodate. Upgraded to a mid-'80s Mini Metro 1275cc engine from Mini-Mania, and installed by Collins Classics in Burlingame. This also converted over to a rod change shifter, as well as moving from a generator and separate voltage regulator to an alternator, and upgrading the radiator. The only updates to the body have been a new front windscreen, and a new bonnet (both the original and the current one suffered from opening up on the freeway, but the original was very rusty and became unusably bent.) A newer radiator, water pump, and fan were put in in the Summer of 2014 (radiator cap came off and shredded the radiator fins, and broke the fan blades.) At the end of 2015 I had the car serviced (including the exhaust & head gasket), and is now running the best that it has in the past 11 years.

May 2006 - creative parking!


May 2015 - My 'Merican frame on the car's British frame.




If you are interested in looking over this car, we are in the San Jose area in California.

Original papers from the importation

More photos of the Mini!